About Lars Jacob

Unless Lars Jacob is turkey hunting, everything that he does revolves around shotgunning.  Jacob has been teaching the finer art of wing shooting for over 30 years.  He currently is the Director of Shooting for Covey and Nye and the prestigious Dutch River Club.  In the past he has run shooting programs and gun rooms for The Orvis Company and Upland Outfitters.  Not only will he find customers a perfect shotgun, but he’ll also show them how to properly shoot it.

In addition to instruction, Jacob is recognized as one of the country’s finest gun fitters and recently worked with Perazzi’s Al Kondak to develop the Perazzi Ladies Sporter.  He has a soft spot for side-by-sides and has introduced thousands of shooters to the nuances associated with shooting such shotguns.

“I’ve been able to study with some of the great names in shooting instruction both here and abroad.  I’ve learned a tremendous amount from Alan Rose at the West London Shooting School and from Ken Davies from Holland and Holland.  The kind of upland bird hunting done stateside is very different than the Brits, and so I’ve distilled a lot of their wisdom with my own experience.”


A few student testimonials…

“I have been blessed to work with some really great instructors, but Lars’ instruction is what best resonates with me. He has a way of combining the fundamentals of both clays and wing-shooting that really makes sense. Instead of simply dismissing one’s bias towards certain methods. Lars works with the shooter’s bias and teaches how to accentuate the good habits and change the bad ones. In other words, after working with Lars, I come away with a stronger sense of my instinctive shooting combined with the knowledge of how to improve my consistency using different methods on different presentations. Over time, those different methods evolve into my instinctive shooting. That’s a great feeling to have. Lars is simply the best instructor I have ever worked with. Period.”

R. Stephen Bartholow, Jr.

“If you are serious about improving your shooting (upland birds or clays) then Lars Jacob of Manchester, Vermont is your contact. Lars is a consummate professional instructor with years of experience, but the best aspect of his instruction is his enthusiasm for you to improve your shooting and he is not satisfied until you do. First class gentleman, first class instructions.”

Paul S. McNamara

“Lars is the penultimate instructor:  he is able to quickly assess  an individual’s strengths and weaknesses and design a program that will allow for growth and development. Working together I was able to improve my skills and gain the confidence needed to be a good shooter. He is patient, and his instructions are clear, allowing me to optimize and enjoy the entire experience. I look forward to my next lesson with great enthusiasm.”

Joe Carabello

“For most of my self taught shooting career I ignored the elements of body positioning and foot work. Instead, I placed all of my emphasis at the muzzle. I would mount the gun, find the target and shoot. It took less than five minutes for Lars to point out that how I positioned my body was detrimental to my shooting success. As a self-taught right-hander, my primary emphasis was at the muzzle and I paid very little concern to what my left hand was doing. My hands were not working together and Lars pointed that out in a way that made immediate sense. I used to shoot as fast as I could because I didn’t want to miss my chance. It took a while, but Lars showed me that by slowing down, identifying the target, moving both hands in unison I would hit targets more efficiently and quickly than my old mount-and-find technique.”

Alex Brooks