Parker Reproduction DHE Two Barrel Set 28ga.

Parker Reproduction DHE 28ga. Two Barrel Set    

Make: Made in Japan for Winchester    
Model: Parker Repro DHE    
Gauge: 2 Barrel Set 28ga. & 28ga.    
Action: Box Lock Ejector Gun    
Trigger: Single Sective    
Choke: Imp.Cyl.,Mod. (26″ bbls), Mod.,Full (28″ bbls)    
Chambers: 2 3/4″    
Barrel Length: 26” & 28″    
Stock: Straight Grip, Splinter forend    
Length of Pull: 14 1/4″ Over a Steel Skeleton Buttplate    
Drop @ Comb: 1 5/16”    
Drop @ Heel: 2 5/16”    
Cast: Zero Cast    
Weight: 5lbs 11oz    
Price: $5,000.00    
Additional Info: Built on the 00 Frame Size, Parker Repro Hard Leather Case, Case Color-35%, Wood & Metal-90%,    

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