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An excerpt from the story in Covey Rise Magazine

Buying a shotgun to sit in a collection is one thing, but if you’re looking for one that hits targets, it’s a different ball of wax. A walk around the Covey & Nye gunroom featuring the likes of Luciano Bosis, Purdy, Holland and Holland, AYA and Antonio Zoli will make your head spin. If those don’t grab you, maybe classic American guns like Parkers, Foxes and L.C. Smiths will.

When you find a gun that you throw up to your cheek, one that makes you reach for your wallet, you’ll find the voice of reason echoing off the burgundy walls and across the Oriental carpets of the gunroom. It’ll be coming from Lars Jacob, who will make sure you buy a gunning iron that hits. Read the full story.


An excerpt from the story in Sporting Classics Magazine

Spending a few minutes with an expert gunfitter such as Lars Jacob may do more to improve your shooting than hours at the clay target range.

A smooth and fluid gun mount is also critical to successful wingshooting, and Lars reminds his students that it takes time and lots of practice to develop the muscle memory that produces a rhythmic and consistent mount without thinking about the mechanics. Not surprisingly, that’s exactly what golf pros tell their students. Whether newcomer or veteran, Lars encourages all wingshooters to take lessons to help ingrain their technique and allow them, should things go awry in the field, to self-diagnose the problem. Shooting at a clays stand also will help build that muscle memory. Read the full story.


An excerpt from the story in Upland Almanac Magazine

It’s a walk to the Sport Shooting Course, which is where lessons, gun fittings and pre-hunt warm-ups are held. Each of these disciplines are managed and run by Lars Jacob. Jacob has been a fixture in the wing shooting scene for over 30 years and has run gun programs for The Orvis Company, Upland Outfitters and for the Dutch River Club’s sister company, Covey and Nye. More recently Jacob’s expertise as one of the country’s top gun fitters has led him to develop shotguns for several different gun manufacturers. One recent example is his work with Perazzi’s Al Kondak where Jacob helped develop the Perazzi Ladies Sporter. Equally adept with any firearm, Jacob has a penchant for side-bysides, particularly for driven shoots and upland hunting. Read the full story.


An excerpt from the story in Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Manchester Village, Vermont. On the banks of the Batten Kill between the Taconic and Green mountains. With its tranquil, Old World atmosphere, the village has become a year-round destination. And located right on Main Street is Covey & Nye.

“Outfitters for a Lifetime” the retailer has been dubbed. Purveyor of apparel, accessories and other finery for the field. The gunroom is managed by Lars Jacob and houses one of the nicest selections in the country. Read the full story.


An excerpt from the story in The Bird Hunting Report

The club is equally fortunate to have as its on-site gun expert, shooting instructor and gun fitter par excellence, Lars Jacob. Jacob has been teaching the fine art of wing shooting for over 30 years and has run instructional programs for many of the top shooting programs in the country. Read the full story.