“In hunting, the finding and killing game is after all only a part of the whole.
The free, self-reliant and adventurous life, with its rugged and stalwart democracy;
The wild surroundings, the grand beauty of the scenery, the chance to study the ways and habits of the woodland creatures-all these unite to give the career of the wilderness hunter it’s peculiar charm.”
     -Theodore Roosevelt


Our philosophy is to combine focus and confidence with a compact movement of efficiency. Only what is necessary to bring down the bird or break the target. LJWSS certified instructors are trained to see the absolute smallest mistake from the feet up to the head and muzzle. Know what the shooter was thinking at the time of the shot fired, and all while everything is happening at 1250 feet per second. Just as important our instructors will tell the student, with clarity, why the mistake led to the miss and why the correction created consistent success.  Once this technique of precision starts to become second nature, we finish with proper gun fit. This is the final ingredient needed to make the shooter the best they can be.


There is no one secret method that cures all and can be used in every wingshooting scenario. Other sports that we have learned has shown we have the ability to make a split second decision as to what will give us best chance of success i.e. swinging a tennis racket, baseball bat or throwing a football just to name a few. The methodologies we teach are, pull away, instinctive in it’s purest form and a refined version of swing through. The shooter will learn in what scenario each of these methods shine and that the difference in these methods is no more than a microsecond. The footwork applied is our modified version of Robert Churchill that is designed to lend itself with our philosophy of compact movements of efficiency.

Sporting Clays

At LJWSS we preach a unique low gun approach to sporting clays that creates better target acquirement and muzzle speed control. Next is creating a plan. Sporting clays is like the game of pool when creating a plan, it has to include giving yourself a good “leave” for your second shot. Doubles in wing shooting is a bonus, one that deserves a scotch and a cigar. Doubles in sporting clays is a must to win. We will show the student how to position the muzzle and the feet that will allow equal success on both targets, or in some cases, re-position the feet between shots when presentations are extreme.

In summary once our method & philosophy is understood and learned, the sense of panic and the feeling of target disconnect is gone and is replaced with absolute confidence.